Welcome to Avoco Secure's Identity Solutions

Avoco Secure are leaders in the development of Cloud identity solutions.

We specialise in both providing and extending industry standard identity provisioning and selection technologies, based on standards such as SAML, OpenID, and WS-Trust, for low and high assurance identity levels.

In particular, we have focus on the following areas:

  • Accessible identities - usable from any device with a browser and without a client install
  • User centricity
  • Claims-based identities
  • Verified identities through interaction with third party government and private systems
  • Utilisation of social networking systems
  • Minimal disclosure and privacy
  • Extending open standards to maximise their potential

Our goal is to provide flexible and extensible solutions that cover the full range of low to high assertion-level identities, whilst maintaining ease of use and end-user friendliness.

Please use this site to explore our technologies and try out our demonstrations. Should you require any further information on any aspect of our portfolio, please refer to our contact page.