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Utilisation of online applications for benefits and other services is a major component of the drive to reduce public service costs by local and national governments.

Fundamental to this is the availability of reliable and secure methods for identifying users online.

Verified Cloud Identities (VCId) are one particularly powerful type of online user identity. User friendliness combined with strong security and high levels of assurance are features of this technology that make it an outstanding candidate for application in this area.

This demonstration shows

  • How a VCId may be used to identify a user in an online application
  • How a user may apply for a VCId that requires SMS text message authentication
  • How third party systems may be used to confirm an identity during registration
  • How a third party payment system may be integrated
  • How an application may be digitally signed with a VCId

For the purpose of this demonstration, calls to third party systems are simulated; all other parts of the system are 'real'.

To use the demonstration you require a mobile phone; when entering your mobile phone number, please enter in international format unless it is a UK number.

For the UK passport number enter 111111111; if you choose to use to use credit information select Woolwich, Barclays, 28 for the lender, bank and mortgage date, respectively

Click here for the demo.