SIM Card Activation

As part of the requirements for the traceability of mobile phone usage in criminal cases, some governments are now requiring that SIM cards may only be activated once the user has supplied verified identity information.

Many telecom operators provide for on-line SIM card activation, which precludes the use of paper identification documents, leaving the issue of identifying online users unaddressed.

In this demonstration, we show a powerful and user-friendly solution to this problem. The user wanting to activate their SIM must first register for a Verified Cloud Identity (VCId). As part of this registration, their details are verified on-line, through a third party (simulated in this demo).

Once registered, the user may then activate their SIM card by clicking on the VerifiedID icon, and signing in.

The user may, of course, use their VCId to access other sites and services.

The only parts of this demo that aren't 'real' are the activation of the SIM card and the online identity verification via a third party. The creation and use of the identity are real.

This demonstration shows

  • How a service or site can integrate with a VCId
  • Registration for a VCId. Note that the telecom operator's site provides the pages for entry of user registration details - calls to the Avoco IdP and Cloud Selector web services perform the actual registration and identity creation
  • A selection from the wide range of available user authentication options
  • The option for users to utilise their social network login (e.g. Facebook), that they are familiar and comfortable with
  • Using a VCId - which can be a single click experience

Click here for the demo. Note that you may enter any 9 digit number as the SIM card number.